ADF Awards

The ADF announces various prizes to reward scientists / researchers from the field of dermatological research. In addition to the Paul Langerhans Award for established researchers and the Egon Macher Award for young investigators outstanding works in the field of allergy research (ADF / ECARF Award of European Allergy Research) and oncology (Dermato Oncology Junior Scientist Award) will be honored on the ADF Annual Meetings.

In addition, the best posters will be awarded with a poster prize.

For the complete tender texts and the detailed allocation policies please click on the highlighted link.

Please note:
For poster prices, the ADF / ECARF Award for European Allergy Research, the Dermato Oncology Junior Scientist Awards and for the Translational Research Award, a separate application is not necessary. For these prices all abstracts submitted before the deadline will be evaluated.
Submissions for the Paul Langerhans Award and the Egon Macher Award should be made in all cases exclusively in electronic form as one PDF file to the ADF office.
Submission deadline: November 01.


Dermato Endocrinology Research Award (Working Group of Dermato-Endocrinology, ADE e. V.)

- donated by Laboratoires Vichy - 

Publications submitted in the current / past year (2017/2018) with new scientific findings in the field of Dermato Endocrinology are considered for this award. Please send your application in electronic form as a pdf-file (in German or English language) to the e-mail address below.

Deadline: 13.01.2019.

An short additional abstract should summarize the research content and highlight its importance for the field of Dermato Endocrinology. Submitted publications may not apply for any other prize and should not have received any other award yet. Cumulative submissions of several studies are not possible. Research work which has been completely carried out in German-speaking countries will be given special consideration in the assessment. Please add a curriculum vitae of the applicant.

The award is endowed with 1500 Euro.

The major goal of the Dermato Endocrinology Research Award is to support young scientists. Besides their application for the award applicants must submit an abstract to participate in the annual meeting of the Working Group Dermato Endocrinology. This abstract could be thematically different from the work submitted for the award. 

An independent jury will evaluate the submitted research papers and nominate the winner.

The 12th Dermato Endocrinology Research Prize will be awarded on the annual meeting of the ADE on the 13. March 2019 in Munich, Germany.

Please send your application to:

Dr. rer. nat. Agatha Stegemann
Representative of the AG Dermato-Endocrinology (ADE) e. V.

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Past awardees of the Dermato Endocrinology Research Award (Working Group of Dermato-Endocrinology, ADE e. V.)

Maik Dahlhoff, Munich
Downregulation of keratin 79 upregulates LRIG1 and induces sebaceous gland hyperplasia

Karmveer Singh, Ulm
Superoxide anion radicals induce IGF-1 resistance through concomitant activation of PTP1B and PTEN

Konrad Kiesczczynski, Stefanie Zwicker, Stefan Tukaj, Michael Kasperkiewicz, Detlef Zillikens, Ronald Wolf, Tobias Fischer, Lübeck, München
Melatonin compensates silencing of heat shock protein 70 and suppresses ultraviolet radiation-induced inflammation in human skin ex vivo and cultured keratinocytes

Günschmann C, Stachelscheid H, Akyüz MD, Schmitz A, Missero C, Brüning JC, Niessen CM
Insulin/IGF-1 controls epidermal morphogenesis via regulation of FoxO-mediated p63 inhibition. Dev Cell. 2013 Jul 29;26(2):176-87

Agatha Stegemann, Münster
Tropisetron suppresses collagen synthesis in skin fibroblast via alpha7 nicotinic acethycholin receptor and attenuates fibrosis in a scleroderma mouse model

Christiane Liezmann, Berlin
Priv. Doz. E. Peters, Berlin