ADF Conference Schedule


Welcome by ADF President Thomas Tueting

The local host: Georg Stingl

Local Organizing Committee: Ahmad Jalili

Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture by Yasmine Belkaid "Role of the skin microbiota in immunity and inflammation"

Guenter-Goerz-Memorial Lecture

Leena Bruckner-Tuderman "Translational research on skin basement membrane – from disease mechanisms to therapies"

Quo vadis Lectures

Stefan W. Schneider (li.) "Platelets are forever"

Tim Sparwasser (l.) "A quantum of fat … in immune cell differentiation"


"Skin Imaging - Beyond Histopathology"

Award Ceremonies

Paul Langerhans Award Ceremony: Awardee: Stephan Weidinger (2. l.), left: M. Hertl (Chair of the prize committee), 2. right: Representative of the sponsor Biogen GmbHright: M. Metz (ADF Board)

ADF-DSD-Stipend: Awardee: G. Stary (right), center: L. Bruckner-Tuderman (DSD Secretary), left: T. Tüting (ADF Board)

Egon Macher Award Ceremony: Awardees: Sebastian Willenborg (2. left) and Johanna Knipper (3. left), left: M. Metz (ADF Board), 2. right: M. Schmuth (Prize Committee), right J. Huss-Marp (Representative of the sponsor AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG)

ADF-ECARF Awardee T. Volz, left: T. Zuberbier (ECARF Prize Committee)

Dermato-Onkology-Awardees:  S. Riesenberg (right) and E. Brenner (left)

Dermato-Onkology-Awardee: C. Posch (left) and A. Jalili (Local Organizing Committee)

Poster Awardees: C. Hosp, E. Wachsmuth, V. Farsam, M. Schmidgen, J. Knüver, C. Kosnopfel
left: B. Schilling and E. Tschachler (Poster Prize Committee), 2. left: K. Loser (ADF Board), 3. left: W.-G. Ocker (Representative of the Sponsor Almirall Hermal GmbH)

Travel Grant awardees: N. Zimmer, A. Schermann, N. Glodde, L. Klenner, M. Feld, A. Forsthuber

right: B. Schilling, 2. right: E. Tschachler (Prize Committee), 3. right: K. Loser (ADF Board)

Poster exhibition & Posterwalks

Oral Presentations

Skin Research Forum at the Vienna City Hall

Exhibiton and further impressions

Thanks to the Local Hosts

Ahmad Jalili, Clara Castelluci, Georg Stary, Georg Stingl (from left)

Jennifer Schmid & Daniela Lenzinger (Mondial Kongress & Events), (from right)

Thanks to all supporter from the AKH Vienna!