ADF Awards

The ADF announces various prizes to reward scientists / researchers from the field of dermatological research. In addition to the Paul Langerhans Award for established researchers and the Egon Macher Award for young investigators outstanding works in the field of allergy research (ADF / ECARF Award of European Allergy Research) and oncology (Dermato Oncology Junior Scientist Award) will be honored on the ADF Annual Meetings.

In addition, the best posters will be awarded with a poster prize.

For the complete tender texts and the detailed allocation policies please click on the highlighted link.

Please note:
For poster prices, the ADF / ECARF Award for European Allergy Research, the Dermato Oncology Junior Scientist Awards and for the Translational Research Award, a separate application is not necessary. For these prices all abstracts submitted before the deadline will be evaluated.
Submissions for the Paul Langerhans Award and the Egon Macher Award should be made in all cases exclusively in electronic form as one PDF file to the ADF office.
Submission deadline: November 01.

ADF Awards at a glance

Paul Langerhans Award of the ADF
- Research award, donated Amgen GmbH -
This award is given to highly qualified dermatological scientists in Germany, Austria or Switzerland who are in the middle of their academic career and who distinguished themselves with continuous, excellent and innovative research over the past years.
This ADF research award is endowed with EUR 15,000.
Please apply until November 1 of the previous year.

Egon Macher Award of the ADF
- Young Investigator Award - sponsored by AbbVie Germany & Co KG -
The Egon Macher Award is given to young investigators for outstanding research contributions in experimental dermatology. The submitted publication should not be older than 1 year. For publications in press applicants must provide a letter from the journal editors confirming that the submitted manuscript is accepted for publication.
The Young Investigator Award is endowed with EUR 7,500.
Please apply until November 1.

Dermato Oncology Junior Scientist Award of the ADF
Supported by the Erwin + Irmgard-Egner Foundation
This award will be given to the best five abstracts (poster or presentation) with a focus in the field of oncology submitted in time to the ADF annual meeting. Awardee can be the first author or a working group that conducted the research.
Awarded are 5 x EUR 2,500 .

ADF/ECARF-Award for European Allergy Research
- The Allergy-Award is supported by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) -
This award will be given to the best abstract (poster or presentation) in the field of allergy research submitted in time to the annual meeting of the ADF. Authors could be a study-group or a group of collaborators which conducted the research with combined efforts.
It is endowed with EUR 5,000.

Translational Research Award
The Translational Research Award is supported by Biogen GmbH.

Research Award for Atopic Dermatitis
The Research Award for Atopic Dermatitis is supported by Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH.

ADF Poster Awards
6 Poster awards by Almirall Hermal GmbH
2 Poster awards by Lilly Deutschland GmbH

Research Stipend of the Deutsche Stiftung Dermatologie (DSD) and the ADF
The stipend aimed at supporting young talented researchers in our field (dermatologists and/or PhDs) who where still at the beginning of their scientific career but had already acquired experience in experimental research. This stipend has finished in 2016.

ADF Travel Grants
ADF Travel Grants donated until 2016/2017