The ADF membership entitles all members to join the symposia of the different ADF working groups and to attend the Annual ADF Meeting. Members may benefit from receiving publications edited by the ADF. The current membership is 60.00 EUR per year which includes the participation fee for the Annual ADF Meeting each year.

All members have the right to review the files of the ADF upon decision of the majority of members.

Membership terminates with death, by an informal written notice of resignation to the Executive Board or by a vote of the General Assembly to be given to the member in writing.

Constitution of the ADF
Application for ADF membership
Direct debit authorization
Application for supporting membership
Privacy Policy

Please send the filled-out application form to the ADF office:

ADF office
Mrs. Elke Schmeckenbecher
Robert-Koch-Platz 7, 10115 Berlin
Telefon: 030-246253-16
Telefax: 030-246253-17
Email: ADF-Geschäftstelle


Please transfer all membership fees to our ADF account:

Deutschen Apotheker- und Ärztebank, Filiale Berlin
Bankleitzahl 30060601
Kontonummer 0006798993
IBAN DE75 3006 0601 0006 7989 93
Alternatively, you can give the ADF a direct debiting authority to withdraw the annual membership fees from your account.


If you need a receipt of your paid membership fee for your tax declaration please go to the membership section of the ADF homepage. You can print out a receipt by clicking on the menu “Internal – receipt of membership fees”.