ADF Awards

The ADF announces various prizes to reward scientists / researchers from the field of dermatological research. In addition to the Paul Langerhans Award for established researchers and the Egon Macher Award for young investigators outstanding works in the field of allergy research (ADF / ECARF Award of European Allergy Research) and oncology (Dermato Oncology Junior Scientist Award) will be honored on the ADF Annual Meetings.

In addition, the best posters will be awarded with a poster prize.

For the complete tender texts and the detailed allocation policies please click on the highlighted link.

Please note:
For poster prices, the ADF / ECARF Award for European Allergy Research, the Dermato Oncology Junior Scientist Awards and for the Translational Research Award, a separate application is not necessary. For these prices all abstracts submitted before the deadline will be evaluated.
Submissions for the Paul Langerhans Award and the Egon Macher Award should be made in all cases exclusively in electronic form as one PDF file to the ADF office.
Submission deadline: November 01.


Research Award for Atopic Dermatitis

- The Research Award for Atopic Dermatitis is supported by Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH -

In 2018 the ADF, for the first time, has the possibility to award a prize for outstanding research in the field of atopic dermatitis. This new award is supported by Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH.

The new atopic dermatitis research award is dedicated to scientists who in their work elucidated cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the development of atopic dermatitis. Furthermore, the prize can be given to scientists characterizing the pathophysiology of atopic dermatitis and providing potential novel therapeutic options for the treatment of the disease. Finally, clinical as well as epidemiologic studies investigating individuals with atopic dermatitis can be awarded. Junior scientists who present outstanding and innovative work in this field are preferably considered.

The award is endowed with 2.500 €.

The selection of the awardee is done by a jury (headed by the leader of the ADF-research group “atopic dermatitis) during the ADF annual meeting. All abstracts (poster or presentation) focusing on atopic dermatitis research that have been submitted in time to the annual meeting of the ADF will be considered. The awardee is asked to publish a short report in the ADF home journal Experimental Dermatology.

Past awardees of the Research Award for Atopic Dermatitis

No award in 2024

Rebecca Pospich, Hanover
P008: A subgroup of atopic dermatitis patients displays a disease-severity associated type-2 response against skin bacteria

Lennart Roesner, Hanover
P001: Staphylococcus aureus Fibronectin-binding protein 1 induces a specific type-2 immune response in atopic dermatitis

Nicole Bertschi, Bern
P112: Autocrine IL-9/IL-9R? signaling induces a pathogenic phenotype in Th2 cells

No Award

Elke Rodríguez, Kiel
P096: Exome-wide association study reveals DOK2 as novel atopic dermatitis susceptibility gene harbouring low frequency risk variants

Veronika Baghin, München
Predictive models for the natural course of atopic dermatitis in childhood based on serum parameters and clinical attributes